We support environmental sustainability throughout our business practices from the manufacturing of building materials to product application. 

Materials for Green Building

We foster sustainable construction by offering reliable service and high-performance materials that contribute to long-lasting and energy-efficient structures, reduce their carbon footprint and maximize the lifespan of existing buildings. 

Our products also aid projects in meeting the most stringent performance standards, such as LEED, GREENGUARD and Living Building Challenge (LBC), and rigorous energy goals including net-zero, net-positive and Deep Energy Retrofits (DER) initiatives. 

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Dive deeper into some of our other green approaches.
Side view of Nudura ICF building under construction

Nudura ICF

Using Nudura insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for structural walls is the most durable and energy-efficient way to build. With continuous interior and exterior insulation that maintains indoor temperatures longer than wood-frame construction, it is also proven to withstand the most extreme weather conditions like tornadoes and hurricanes to protect occupants and prevent the need to rebuild after a natural disaster. 

Building with Dryvit woodgrain exterior finish in mountains

Dryvit Exterior Finishes

Dryvit’s cladding systems and continuous insulation panels prevent thermal bridging and air leakage that wastes energy during the heating and cooling of your building. 

Recently finished roof restoration using Tremco roofing materials during sunset

Building Envelope Protection

Air barriers, below-grade waterproofing, roofing materials, sealants and transition systems from Tremco CPG prevent air and water infiltration across the building envelope, helping reduce the energy required to heat and cool buildings. 

Tremco rooftop garden and HVAC system outside of building.

Vegetated Roofs

Tremco CPG brands offers a number of waterproofing and drainage systems to support vegetated roofs, also known as green roofs, which absorb rainwater to aid urban storm water management and help insulate roofs.

Bio-Based Roofing Solutions

Tremco Roofing offers six products with the US Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred label based on their bio-based content. AlphaGrade, a bio-based roof restoration system, also contains recycled rubber and has a highly reflective surface that can help lower a building’s energy consumption. Roof restoration as a whole reduces landfill waste and can significantly extend the life of existing roofs.  

Indoor Air Quality

WTI/Pure Air Control Services’ Certified Healthy Building Program incorporates environmental best practices to clean and restore HVAC systems, uses EPA-registered disinfectants to neutralize all bacteria, mold and viruses, and monitors ongoing indoor air quality (IAQ) for overall building and occupant health and safety. 
Recycling and waste bin in Tremco manufacturing facility

Manufacturing Efficiencies

At our manufacturing facilities, sustainability is prioritized in the areas of recycling, water consumption, energy savings, and waste reduction and safe disposal.