Turn to Tremco CPG to help revitalize aging structures, making them stand out and perform better than ever. 

Our Restoration Solutions  

Our comprehensive products and systems can resolve a variety of building restoration challenges. 
Sealants and Expansion Joints
Exterior façade

Benefits of Building Restoration

It is almost never too late to restore your building. From small-scale product changes to comprehensive building renovations, there are solutions for any budget.
  • Significant cost-savings compared to system replacement
  • Refreshed aesthetics
  • Improved air- and water-tightness to prevent future leaks
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Long-term protection
  • Occupant safety and satisfaction
  • Owner peace of mind
  • Reduced landfill waste

Building Restoration Case Studies

Old stone building with balconies and scaffolding during application of Dryvit Backstop NT. Apartment building using white and gray Dryvit panels with orange balcony on Pacific Avenue sign in the foreground

Bremerton, Washington

Restored with:
Dryvit, Tremco Sealants and Euclid Chemical 
Use slider to see before and after
Deteriorated brick structure in wintertime with snow in the foreground.  Front entrance of building with NewBrick brick and brown Dryvit Outsulation.

Marion, Indiana

Restored with:
Use slider to see before and after
Aerial view of brick school with white roof restored with Tremco roofing’s weatherproofing materials.

Waverly, Ohio

Restored with:
Tremco Roofing

Deep Energy Retrofit

A Deep Energy Retrofit (DER) initiative involves restoration of various building components to significantly decrease energy usage of the structure. DER requires a holistic approach and compatible solutions, so Tremco CPG can help you through the process.

Read this blog on how to start a deep energy retrofit


Our building restoration and maintenance services include:
  • On-site building audit
  • Product or system recommendations
  • Installation training and guidance
  • Design engineering for custom solutions
  • Roof restoration system applications
  • 3D printing of glazing material prototypes

Restoration Guide

Our Restoration Guide will help you identify exterior building issues, understand the right products and repair steps for the job, and ensure the maximum lifespan of your structure. Download your free Restoration Guide today by completing the form below.

    • Glazing
    • Parking garages and traffic-bearing surfaces
    • Walls (EIFS and Coatings)
    • Balconies and plaza decks
    • Sealants
    • Water features and planters