Deep Energy Retrofit

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How to Improve Energy Efficiency of a Building

Building maintenance and renovation is critical to address changing energy codes and your carbon reduction goals. To improve a building’s energy efficiency and thermal performance, the best results come from the holistic approach of a deep energy retrofit, including the building envelope.

  • Adding insulation and air sealing the walls and roof
  • Glazing and weatherization solutions such as replacing or resealing windows
  • Upgrading mechanical systems, appliances and lighting
  • Implementing renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics or wind power
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The Retrofitting Process

During a deep energy retrofit, the project team evaluates the building's current energy usage to find opportunities for improvement that will have the most impact within budget. We can help you during many stages of the building rehabilitation process.

  • Budgeting and funding options
  • Energy audit and energy modeling
  • Building inspections
  • Whole building enclosure design
  • Retrofit installations
  • Energy monitoring
  • Referral to financing solutions

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Tremco CPG Solutions for Energy Retrofits

We support exterior renovations with tailored solutions to reduce energy usage, prevent air leakage and construct an airtight building envelope.

We help identify the baseline of a building's performance and offer guidance to optimize efficiency throughout the building retrofit and operation. 

After assessing your needs, we recommend compatible building materials and conduct the product installations for turn-key execution of the renovation.

Our contractors through WTI provide flexible maintenance packages to ensure long-lasting durability and energy performance for the owner.
Integrated Systems for Superior Energy Performance

Façade and Panelized Wall Systems

For façade restoration, look to Dryvit EIFS cladding, continuous insulation and exterior wall panels for any design aesthetic and enhanced building performance. Dryvit logo

Sealant and Glazing Restoration

Our liquid sealant, gaskets and overlays seal the building envelope to stop leaks and improve energy efficiency. Tremco CSW logo

Roof Maintenance

Repair, restore or replace your commercial roof with Tremco's array of roofing products and services. 
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Two 70-year-old buildings underwent a deep energy retrofit with support from Tremco CPG and the use of prefabricated wall panels to transform the buildings' exterior and improve their energy efficiency.
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