Restoration Guides for Common Building Exterior Issues

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Learn What Your Building Is Telling You

Need help selecting the right products for your restoration project? Our restoration guides cover all types of issues to help ensure the maximum lifespan of your building.

How to Identify and Resolve
Building Issues

Skyscraper made of glass windows with glazing


Restoring glazing systems prevents water intrusion, improves energy efficiency and restores performance.

Parking garage

Parking Garages and Traffic Bearing Surfaces

Areas that are exposed to the elements and experience vehicular or pedestrian traffic are often subject to repair.

Multistory building with coated wall

Walls (EIFS and Coatings)

Learn how to spot-repair and match coatings for a seamless look.

Balcony that is protected from water intrusion

Balconies and Plaza Decks

Protecting buildings from water intrusion is always a concern with outdoor areas that can hold water or are covered by overburden.

Tube of sealant being applied to repair


Learn to identify and repair sealant damage for lasting building protection.

Water fountain with multiple fountains

Water Features and Planters

It's important to understand the impacts of each type of waterproofing product when restoring and preserving water features and planters.

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